About Cartirdge Xpert

Cartridge Xpert is a division of Computer Channel (India) Since 1997. Cartridge Xpert has been launched as a division targeting primarily the novice and intermediate inkjet and toner recyclers considering the fact of refilling Printer Cartridges as the rapid growing business today with a huge future business potential. Our primary business of this division is to provide our customers the best of Refilling Services. We deal in Refilling of all type of printer cartridges including Inkjet, Laser Printers, Photo Printers, Fax Machines and Photocopiers. To top it all, we also provide Original Manufacturer Cartridges as well as additional supplies and accessories related to printers and printing needs.


To lead the refilling business and helping our retail and corporate customers with our super speciality product line of recycled printer cartridges. Following its core principles of excellence and perfection, the company intends to develop a sustainable business model that is not in conflict with the environment but, in fact, complements its greater welfare.


Create a win-win situation for both the customers and for the organisation where we would save customers money on refilling their printer cartridges and helping us being a world class leader in this industry. While perfection is a relative word, we have been striving to define it through a collective effort believing in the power of our technology. Therefore, as one of its missions, the company and its division intends to be a platform for customer who we cater to, providing the best services in the refilling business. With us, there is a constant conscious effort in making our customers believe that impossible is just another word in the dictionary. In short, Computer Channel (India) wants to make each customer associated with it believe that there is no limit honesty and value for money.

Values - What we stand for

  • Creativity & Integrity
  • Teamwork & Commitment
  • Respect for the individual
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