Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it true that the refilling of a cartridge can be done for 2 to 3 times and then a new or recycled cartridge is required?
Answer: Any component in a OEM cartridge is rated for single use. Reusing the critical components would either mean that you would have mid cycle failure, or a faulty cleaning blade might lead to powder spillage in the printer leading to fuser unit damage. The OPC drum might develop dots which might show on the printout, and subsequently you would change the cartridge mid way. Here you lose money on refilling and get poor prints with which you have to compromise. Reconditioned cartridges give same output as an OEM and as such, CARTRIDGE XPERT always strongly suggests the consumers for a reconditioned cartridge.

Question: Is it correct that the reconditioned cartridges would damage the Printers?
Answer: The concept of recycling the cartridges is new and it is catching up very fast. The awareness is increasing and a lot of technicians, in fact, are now in favour of recycled cartridges instead of refilled cartridges. There are substantial savings and no spillages. Your cost of the printer is recovered within 5 to 10 purchases of recycled cartridges.

Question: How does recycled cartridges help the environment?
Answer: Recycling both laser and ink jet cartridges reduces the amount of non-biodegradable plastic in landfills. Additionally, the manufacturing process uses to create new cartridges depending heavily on new raw materials.

Question: Is there any saving of money by using recycled cartridges?
Answer: Yes, as much as 65 to 75 percent depending on the number of cartridges a Company uses, and as such, savings can amount to thousands to lacs of Rupees each year.

Question: Is there a downside to recycled cartridges?
Answer: No. Using recycled cartridges saves money, also helps preserve the environment, provides a high quality product and finally helps local small businesses.

Question: Why don't more Companies recycle?
Answer: Due to lack of well trained technicians and compactable accessories. Moreover, the office product recycling industry is relatively new; just 10 years old. The industry is working diligently to educate the consumer about the value of recycled cartridges, and today more than 30% of all Indian businesses use recycled cartridges. Quite an accomplishment in just ten years. Through public relations campaigns, more and more end-users are realizing the added value of recycled cartridge products and services.
Recyclers replace worn parts and upgrade others in the cartridge with parts that are often superior in quality and its performance is equal to a new cartridge.

Question: Are recycled cartridges inferior to new ones?
Answer: No, there is no difference in the print quality or page yield of a recycled cartridge. CARTRIDGE XPERT uses only OEM quality Toner and replacement parts that meet or exceed the OEM standard. Most recyclers guarantee their products to perform better than new cartridges which is wrong.

Question: Is purchasing of recycled cartridges help conservation of environment?
Answer: Absolutely. Each discarded empty laser printer cartridge adds approximately 1.5 Kg of unnecessary waste to our landfills. Waste that may take as long as 10 centuries to decompose off. It is further estimated that 100 million laser printer cartridges and 400 million ink jet printer cartridges are produced each year. Recycling these 500 million cartridges approximately will save an estimated 4 million cubic feet of landfill space. The recycling industry pertaining to office products will continue to contribute a substantial positive impact upon the environment and the economy wherever it exists.